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  • Item: Outdoor Camping Shower
  • Open: R 210
  • Area: Krugersdorp
  • Description:

    Outdoor Camping Shower

    -Embrace convenience on your outdoor adventures, our 20L shower bag provides an easy-to-use portable shower solution, ensuring a refreshing experience wherever your journey takes you. Enjoy longer showers without hassle! With a generous 20L capacity, this bag provides enough water for multiple showers, making it perfect for camping trips, hiking, beach days, and more.

    – Harness the power of the sun, the innovative design utilizes solar energy to heat the water, delivering comfortably warm showers even in the great outdoors. Crafted from eco-friendly materials, this shower bag is designed for durability and sustainability. Enjoy a reliable, long-lasting product that respects the environment.

    -Lightweight and foldable, this shower bag is easy to carry in your backpack or outdoor gear. Set up camp, hang it anywhere suitable, and indulge in a refreshing shower experience. Beyond camping, use it for washing dishes, cleaning gear, or watering plants. Its multifunctional design makes it an essential outdoor tool for various activities.

    -Elevate your outdoor experience with the 20L Water Shower Bag. Say hello to convenience, hygiene, and comfort on all your outdoor escapades.

    -Easy and convenient to use
    -Portable to travel with
    -Eco-friendly and safe to use
    -Solar water bag, good heat absorption, large capacity of 20 liters, fully meet your shower needs.
    – It can be hung on the vehicle or tree branch to take a bath, allowing you to keep clean and feel more comfortable after a long expedition.
    -Equipped with a shower nozzle, which is convenient to control the water performance. The hard plastic tube can strengthen the handle of the bag.
    -Fast heating speed, the highest temperature is reached in about 3 hours. The water at 15°C can be heated to about 40‑48°C.
    – Made of high‑quality PVC material, non‑toxic and environmentally friendly. Can be folded into a small size for easy storage.

    -5 Gallons
    -Material: PVC
    -Capacity: 20L

    What’s In The Box
    1 x Water Shower Bag
    1 x Water Pipe
    1 x Plastic Tube
    1 x Hook

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