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Hunt and Gun SA is a specialist supplier in all products hunt and gun related. We facilitate a bi-weekly auction every Tuesday and Thursday evening on Whatsapp and Telegram that allows our clients to bid live on Hunt and Gun Related products, registration as a buyer or seller is free of charge. Our online shop is available 24/7 where clients can browse and shop from anywhere, anytime.


Meet the Team

Pieter Goosen

Pieter Goosen

Founder/ General Manager

Pieter Goosen has been serving the hunting community since 2007. As a Professional Hunter and as a Hunting Outfitter dealing mainly with matching hunters to their ideal hunts. Being passionate about business as well as hunting and being qualified in both areas led to Pieter finding “Hunt and Gun SA”. Pieter Goosen lives in Pretoria, South Africa.
084 705 2699

Christo Barnard

Christo Barnard

Professional Hunter and Auction Manager

Christo joined the Hunt and Gun Team because of his love of hunting and the outdoors. Being a professional hunter and firearm enthusiast he has a great understanding of the needs of both the buyers and sellers. Christo is the Auction Manager and runs the day to day listing of lots and the conclusion of transactions.
066 232 6769

Sari Rademeyer

Sari Rademeyer

General Office Manger

Sari has a wealth of experience ranging from property management to auction administration. Sari heads up the administration department for SA Hunt and Gun.
082 041 1293

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Hunt and Gun Testimonials

To anyone thinking of buying or selling through SA Hunt and Gun, you wont go wrong. I have both bought and sold through SA Hunt and Gun.  I found the team extremely helpful and courteous.  I believe that auctions are the true reflection of an items worth, the public decides the value of the object, and how in demand it is.

ED Rossiter, Witbank

Hunt and Gun Auctions – What a fantastic platform to make some money and get great items at a even greater price!! Would definitely recommend to anyone in the outdoor and hunting scene.

Calvin De Villiers, Johannesburg South

Hunt and Gun Auction is an efficient platform with friendly and prompt service from its administrators with a wide variety of hunting apparel.

Brendon Viljoen, Johannesburg

Hunt and Gun auctions is an awesome platform to purchase and sell items, fast, efficient and professional.  Pieter and his team are always available to assist and helpful even on non related items.


Tim Michael, Kemptom Park

Michael Firearm Training Academy, African Arms