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  • Item: Baton Automatic Retractable
  • Open: R 680
  • Area: Cape Town
  • Description:

    Baton Automatic Retractable

    This excellently crafted baton is smaller than your usual manual retractable ones which are somewhat oversized for personal defense carry. It can easily be carried in an inside blazer pocket on be worn on your belt in it’s pouch. It is lightweight, yet very strongly built with no rattles and noises when shaken. Just one press of the release button and the baton is extended at lightning speed.

    – One click -up
    – Carry it with you when you go out
    – Thickened and thickened strong spring
    – Silicone slip handle
    – Press one button to automatically eject
    -Tactical glass breaker on one end

    What’s in the box
    1 x Retractable Auto Spring Baton

    3 Available -This is a sale Item and not an Auction Item. If you want this item, just post your name, surname and Lot number-