• Item: Steering Wheel Lock
  • Open: R 1 – No Reserve
  • Area: Pretoria East
  • Description: Car Anti-theft Steering Wheel Lock Baseball Bat, secure your car or use as a back up weapon in your car
    -Easy to operate, easy to lock, without the need to use the key, directly to the lock on the steering wheel position, pull open to support the steering wheel will not loose.
    -Attaches to the steering wheel making the vehicle impossible to steer.
    -When the lock, with the key to open, the lock will be able to shrink back.
    -The Anti-Theft Steering Wheel Lock installs in seconds, but provides lasting security
    -Senior car steering wheel lock, ensure the safety of the car.
    -Made of sturdy tempered steel construction
    -Universal fit for cars, trucks, vans, and SUV.
    Package Contents:
    1 x Steering Wheel Lock baseball bat
    2 x Keys.

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