• Item: Portable Toilet (Bi-Pot 34)
  • Open: R 500.00
  • Area: Pretoria East
  • Description: Bi-Pot 34.Portable toilet to take anywhere and everywhere you go.Features:
    – Large and handy charge and discharge openings with semi-transparent lid
    – Scratch-resistant tank built from one piece without seams for even more strength
    – Sturdy piston pump guarantees 3 powerful directional rinsing jets
    – Comfortable and wide seat for adults and children
    – Sliding watertight valve with anit-odour seal
    – Easy to clean
    – Toilet can be completely dismantledSpecifications:
    – Weight: 4,3kg
    – Dimensions: 43cm x 36cm x 34cm
    – Colour: White
    – Warranty: 12 Months
    – Material: Hard plastic
    (Box has been opened, but otherwise Brand New).