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  • Item: Hunting on Safari in East and Southern Africa
  • Open: R 250
  • Area: Pinetown
  • Description:

    Hunting on Safari in East and Southern Africa

    This comprehensive and beautifully illustrated practical companion for the hunter will be welcomes not only by big-game hunters of the world and those who aspire to take up the sport, but by all who serve the cause of game conservation. Every aspect of hunting in East and Southern Africa is covered in the first part of the book, from the early planning stages to the hunt itself. Step-by-step advice is given on the arrangements to make in advance and the basic requirements and equipment for the trip, including medical precautions. Your choice of trophies and the selection of the appropriate hunting rifle are considered in detail, and you will learn how to site your camp to advantage and how to track the animals in the bush. The second part of the book provides information on all the trophy animals to be found in this region, with a detailed description of each animal, the habitat preferences and habits of relevance to the hunter. Distribution maps accompany the section on each species and magnificent pen-and-ink drawings bring the animals to life and include illustrations of the spoor. Hunting tips on the tactics to adopt for particular game or for a special situation, such as a charging buffalo or tracking a wounded animal, are an important feature.