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  • Item: A Thousand Trails Through Africa
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  • Area: Pinetown
  • Description:

    A Thousand Trails Through Africa

    Isabel de Quintanilla married famed PH Tony Sanchez-Ari? in 1963, & rather than wait for him at home she decided to go along to see what Africa was like during the immediate post-WWII period. Once she became comfortable in that milieu, she was not content just to watch what her husband did on a daily basis? She also decided to give hunting a chance. This is her account of the countries she visited & hunted in over the last forty years: Guinea, Cameroon, Zambia, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania, & the CAR. In spite of a dangerous bout of malaria & dengue fever, she remained at her husbands side, tramping through Africa, & together they formed a hugely successful safari business. There are fascinating descriptions of wild Africa & the natives, safari clients, & animals she encountered along the way. In addition, Isabel became an elephant hunter herself & an accomplished one at that. Her chapter on the Pygmies of the Congo basin is especially worthwhile.

    Hardcover in excellent condition