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  • Item: Tactical Belts (2 pack)
  • Open: R 500
  • Area: Cape Town
  • Description:

    Tactical Belts (2 pack)

    Special Note: The buckle cannot pass through the formal belt loop of the pants, please remove the buckle before wearing it.

    The belt body is made of environmentally friendly nylon material, soft and comfortable, suitable for daily use. Durable, breathable straps are ideal for tactical activities; they can be easily adjusted without holes.
    The buckle is made of zinc alloy, which is stronger and more reliable. It is more durable and stronger than other aluminum products. Please rest assured to buy
    Heavy-duty buckles are the best-made and highest-performing buckles in the world.
    Quick release: Intuitive and smooth quick release function by pressing the gold pull tabs simultaneously. If only one tab is active, the connection will remain and completely block itself again.
    Instructions for use: first remove the buckle, then pass the belt body through the trouser loop, then reinstall the buckle, and finally match

    Select your color :
    * Black only
    * Black & Green
    * Black & Khaki

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