• Item: Rangefinder
  • Open: R2500
  • Area: Centurion
  • Description: Bushnell Prime 800 LRF 6X24 Black Arc – LP623SBL (NEW)
    Bushnell PRIME 800 LRF 6×24 Black Arc:
    Bushnell Prime LRF is an ultra thin, premium performing laser rangefinder comprised of the latest Digital Technology allowing range readings from 5-800 yards/5-732 meters. Measuring 1.3 x 4 x 2.9 inches, the 8-ounce Prime is capable of delivering extremely fast target acquisition, incredible 1/2 yard accuracy, and +/- 1 yard accuracy from 200 yards to the maximum range for each model. The Prime laser rangefinder also features Bushnells patented ARC (Angle Range Compensation), superb optical quality, and water resistant (IPX4) construction along with EXO Barrier Coating.
    • 6x Magnification
    • ARC mode delivers true horizontal distance to a target out to 199 yards
    • EXO barrier protective lense coating
    • Scan mode. Continuously updating measurements displayed on screen
    • Light weight at 5.8oz
    • 800 yard measurement potential

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